In August 2010 the historic road known as The Bridle Track that connects Bathurst to Hill End in the Central West of NSW, Australia became “Temporarily” closed by a rock fall at Monaghan’s Bluff.  The Bridle Track has been an access road to Hill End of both great historical and more recently tourism significance for 160 years, in addition to it’s continual use as an access road by local farmers and emergency services.

The road is of such significance because of its history and its spectacular route along the Macquarie River, that it is now covered by its own Conservation Management Plan.

The Bridle Track is rated as one of the top ten 4WD routes in Australia, and is located only three hours drive from Sydney.

The tourist drive loop of Bathurst, The Bridle Track, Hill End, Sofala and Mudgee is one of the most scenic drives in NSW, following the Macquarie River Valley and accessing some of the best inland river camping areas in NSW.

Why The Bridle Track Must be Reopened

  1. The road is a critical access route to the Macquarie River for residents and visitors. Without the through-road re-opening, many kilometres of the road has/will fall into disrepair because of neglect of maintenance.
  2. The road is of great heritage significance, dating back to the 1850 goldfields.
  3. The Bridle Track is essential for bush fire fighting.  If people are trapped by bush fire in the very steep local country then the road, when open, provides two necessary escape routes to either Bathurst or Hill End.
  4. Large numbers of 4WD visitors and campers previously used the road for recreation and have become very angry by the closure of the through road. This has virtually eliminated tourism to the area, and impacted very negatively on the economy of Hill End and Bathurst.

Who are We?

The Bridle Track Action Group (BTAG) is an association formed by a small group of local residents, who are predominantly farmers living and working along The Bridle Track.

The Objectives of BTAG are:

  1. To lobby State, Federal and Local Government to facilitate the reopening of The Bridle Track
  2. Beyond getting the road reopened, we want to improve the long term condition of, and maintenance of The Bridle Track

How can you help us?

Residents and visitors who need access via the Bridle Track or just love to fish, camp, picnic and 4WD along the Macquarie River have been denied access for 8 years by government.

Both Local and State Government have completely stonewalled the re-opening of this Heritage public road, and we need your support to show them how important it is that this road be reopened.

We are currently campaigning to ask residents to consider their vote in the upcoming NSW State Election and carefully consider the Bridle Track commitments made by various nominees.

  • Can you help us distribute leaflets in your local area before the 23rd March 2019?
  • Are you aware that the $2 million dollar commitment made by Paul Toole MP in no way fully funds or guarantees the re-opening and maintenance of the road?
  • Are you aware that the Shooters Fishers Farmers party have provided BTAG with a written commitment to maintain ongoing pressure irrespective of which major party wins the March 2019 NSW State Election?

Please click here to register your support for the re-opening of the road.

Register Your Support

We don’t need your money, we just want to know whether you support our efforts, and why you would want the Bridle Track reopened.

We also ask your permission to email you updates from time to time about our progress.

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